Last update: 4 September, 2005

The Indescribable
Kill Skuls

Origin: Science

Archetype: Tanker

Security Level: 31

Super Group: D.E.F.E.N.S.E. Incorporated

Rank: Field Agent


Blurg not know who Blurg am, only him am tough. Blurg always tough, but smart doctor make him even tougher, only now him blue too. Maybe him always blue, Blurg not sure, but Blurg like blue now so him wear blue clothes too. Mainly Blurg just like to beat up bad guys though.


Invulnerability: Resist Physical Damage, Unyielding, Resist Elements, Resist Energy, Tough Skin, Invincibility
Energy Melee: Barrage, Energy Punch, Taunt, Whirling Hands
Leaping: Combat Jumping, Super Jump
Fitness: Swift, Health, Stamina
Flight: Air Superiority
Leadership: Maneuvers



Exploration: Hero Corps Insider, Patriot, Vigorous, Hero Corps Recruit
Accomplishment: Negotiator, Spelunker, Pwnz
Achievement: Devilfish, Tourist, Tough, Indestructible, Protector of Innocents, Keeper of the Peace, Bonecrusher, Kill Skuls
Accolates: Celebrant

Crey Industries: Hero Threat Database

Hero 6987

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