Last update: 4 June, 2005

Kevin G. Brown

Origin: Natural

Archetype: Scrapper

Security Level: 15

Super Group: D.E.F.E.N.S.E. Incorporated

Rank: Field Agent


Name is not alias to cover up fact was secret Soviet agent during cold war. Kevin G. Brown is nice American name for nice American boy, who love apple pie and baseballs game. For last time am telling you, was not spy. Now shut up or will making you disappear. Ha ha, just kidding. I make with the funny American jokes.


Katana: Sting of the Wasp, Flashing Steel, Divine Avalanche
Super Reflexes: Focused Fighting, Agile, Practiced Brawler
Fitness: Swift, Health
Concealment: Stealth


Crey Industries: Hero Threat Database

Hero 11760

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