Last update: 26 September, 2005

The Ghostly
Silas Dark

Origin: Magic

Archetype: Scrapper

Security Level: 45

Super Group: D.E.F.E.N.S.E. Incorporated

Rank: Director


Silas Dark (real name unknown) was caught in the path of a stray magic bolt during the epic battle between The Defense League and The Disciples of Eth, and was shifted slightly out of phase with our reality. Unable to resume his normal life, he uses his dark powers in the fight against evil, while he searches for a cure for his mystical affliction.

Update: Thanks to some of Paragon City's finest Mystics, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, and Teachers, along with the Terra Volta Reactor and a great team of heroes, Silas Dark has been fully restored to our plane of existence.

There are some side-effects, and he still retains most of the strange powers that he gained from his initial accident, but for the most part, he appears to have been cured.

He has chosen to continue his fight to protect Paragon City, in thanks for everything that's been done for him.


Dark Melee: Shadow Punch, Shadow Maul, Dark Consumption, Soul Drain, Midnight Grasp
Regeneration: Fast Healing, Quick Recovery, Reconstruction, Dull Pain, Integration, Resilience, Revive
Concealment: Stealth, Grant Invisibility
Speed: Flurry, Super Speed
Leaping: Combat Jumping, Super Jump
Teleportation: Teleport Foe, Recall Friend
Body Mastery: Conserve Power, Laser Beam Eyes



Accolades: Received the Atlas Medallion, Received the Stalwart Medallion
Accomplishment: Synapse's Cohort, Liberator, Charmer, Transmogrified, Negotiator, Spelunker, Plague Stopper, Pwnz, Redeemer, Mystical Savior, Corrupter, War Wall Defender, The Doctor's Ally, Frontline, Emancipator
Achievement: Cold Warrior, Frozen Fury, Devilfish, Hallow Spirit, Hunter, Buster, Shifter, Dead Head, Malleus, Tourist, Collector, Explorer, Pathfinder, Tough, Indestructible, Adamant, The Unwavering, The Unyielding, Celebrity, Sensation, Protector of Innocents, Keeper of Peace, Defender of Truth, Justice Incarnate, Banisher, Tank Buster, Bonecrusher, Clockstopper, Finder, Gearsmasher, Gravedigger, Hellspawned, Privateer, Regenerator, The Silver Bullet, The Slayer, Soul Binder, Tracer, Weatherman
Exploration: Head of the Hydra, Undefeated, Silent Sentinel, Hero Corps Insider, Patriot, Top Dog, Freedom, Phalanxer, Regal, Vision of Despair, Destined for Valhalla, Mystic, Inmate, Burning the Midnight Oil, Crey Watcher, Dark Mystic, Seeker of the Unknown, Cairn Warder, Crey Fish, Unspoiled, Undammed, Newsman, Faultless Mystic, Apex, Foggy, Chaotician, Bird Watcher, Blue Shield, Brawler, Tank, Land Locked, Parapsychologist, Seeker of Monsters, Geologist, Backwoodsman, Gangland Fury, Crey Havoc, Valorous, Vigorous, Summoned, Upgraded, Mystic King, Keen Sighted, Smokey, Portal Parter, Territorial, Avatar, Around the Bendis, Doc Whedon, Justice Avenger, Ace, Purifier, Solace, Dauntless, Healing Node, Secret Admirer, Hero Corps Recruit, Nimble Mynx, Bright Star, Super Spy, Sea Dog, Vulcanologist, Minotaur, Nature Lover, Whitecap, Conjunction Junction, Meltdown, Nervous Dreck
History: Pupil, Student, Expert, Intellectual

Crey Industries: Hero Threat Database

Hero 8008

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